The system trouble and future operation of fabble.cc

Dear Fabble users,

One again, we apologize for the great inconveniences caused by the halting of the fabble.cc web site. We explained the background for this trouble in the announcement dated January 12. Below, we quote the relevant parts from the notice/ apology, and report to you about the policies for the future operation of the site, to the extent possible at this point.

What happened and the current state (quoted from the January 12 Announcement, with a couple of fixes on grammatical errors)
  1. Around 9am on January 7th, 2017, the database system based mongodb produced a severe error and all the data were lost.
  2. Around 4pm on the same day, it became clear that that backup data made after October 14th, 2016 were broken.
  3. We made rounds of unsuccessful to recover the data in failures, and ultimately gave up on it on January 12th, 2017.
Future operation of the site

Right now, Keio University’s Social Fabrication Lab, which is part of the SFC Research Institute, is operating the system of fabble.cc, based on the fruits of the development efforts made by Mozilla Japan. There is no funding allocated for this operation, and staff is just volunteering.
The available financial resources are not sufficient, and we are mobilizing relevant research budgets to respond to the previous system error and the trouble of this time. In this circumstance, it is difficult for us to develop a clear budgetary plan for the overhaul of the system.
However, fabble.cc users are no longer small. The site is starting to play a role of society’s infrastructure for making things.
In light of this situation, we determined that the web site needs proper governance and organization, away from volunteer-based operation. We will explore options.

Contact Desk

Email: info@fabble.cc
Takuji Tokiwa, Social Fabbrication Lab at Keio Research Institute at SFC